Company history

Sungwon Global Cargo will emerge as the best logistics company leading the 21st century.
We will become the most preferred company that gives customers trust in aviation.
We will become a company with good prospects that is based upon our customer's trust worthy of their investment, always giving the same trust back to the customer.

  • 2021

    • Independent warehouse expansion
  • 2020

    • Minister of Strategy and Finance commendation
    • BKK branch established
    • TEP branch established
  • 2019

    • CBT CLUSTER and GDC Construction Agreement
    • MEL branch established
    • OSA, NRT branch established
  • 2017

    • Naver Logistics partner registry
    • HKG branch established
  • 2016

    • Ocean express company registry
    • CDG branch established
    • Independent warehouse installation
    • AEO import and export safety management certification acquired
  • 2014

    • FRA branch established
  • 2005

    • Incheon Customs Manager Appreciation Plaque
    • Korea Customs and Trade Development Institute Appreciation Plaque
    • Customs computerized procedure that introduced barcode system for the first time in express cargo industry
    • Development of computerized work system for express cargo system
    • Data upload and barcode printing system
    • AKL, CHG, YYR, YYZ, JFK, LAX, SEA branches established
    • Commercial document reporting business for complex transport brokerage business registry
    • Air express cargo company registry
    • Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. Established
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