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Sungwon Global Cargo is also leading the 21st century as a prepared logistics company.

We will serve as a fit young leader for logistics industry.

In an era where it is difficult to guarantee success in any business field without logistics support, Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. will emerge as the best logistics company leading the 21st century.
We will become a company with good prospects that is based upon our customer's trust worthy of their investment, always giving the same trust back to the customer.
From the perspective of the employees within the company, it is our promise to leap into a company where they feel that the time with the company is worthywhile.


Ambitious company turning dreams into reality.

We know all too well how difficult it is to make our dreams come true in the age of limitless competition. Hence Sungwon Global Cargo is the front-runner in the 21st. century with highest regards to its people leading the company with transparent management.


Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. promises to accomplish more than the service customers want. We promise to become a company that prefers people's trust to expansion in size. We promise to become an essential company in Korea.

Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd.
Y. S. Lee

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