AEO management policy

Legal Compliance and Safety management Policy

한국 aeo 진흥협회

Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. recognizes legal compliance, internal control, financial soundness, and safety management as major elements of corporate management for the faithful implementation of export and import safety management companies, and has adopted the following policies to turn into a safe and competitive company.

1. Legal compliance management policy
  • (1) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. contributes to the development of customs administration by faithfully complying with the Customs Act, the Foreign Trade Act, and the Foreign Exchange Act.
  • (2) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. reports and responds to the Korea Customs Service through our reporting system In case of violation of laws and regulations.
2. Safety management policy
  • (1) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. establishes a periodic cooperative system with business partners to maintain integrity and establish safety management measures in handling and managing goods to prevent intrusion from outside.
  • (2) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. recognizes possible risk factors in the export/import logistics supply chain in advance and manages the risk of smuggling and terrorism in customs administration.
  • (3) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. reinforces the awareness of safety management, provides education and evaluation, and raises detailed goals for legal compliance and safety management.
  • (4) Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd. strives to solve problems through active communication and information sharing between departments within the company, and contributes to improving legal compliance and safety management through organic cooperation with business partners.

In order to achieve the management policy, all executives and employees, including the company's management, must improve the safety of goods and the ability to carry out laws and regulations based on communication and mutual understanding within the organization, and do their best in their roles and responsibilities.

March 10th, 2022

Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd.
CEO Y. S. Lee

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