Ethics management policy

We declare that we,as a corporate, value our social responsibility, act according to fair standards in our business activities to gain customer's value and trust, and do not accept any consequences that deviate from these standards. The high ethical level we adhere to is naturally achieved through a healthy corporate culture built through the voluntary participation of each employee rather than stipulated regulations, and is inherited as a beautiful tradition.

  • One. We perform our duties honestly and fairly based on high ethical awareness and bright and kind heart.
  • Two. We always put the value of our customers as our top priority with the best solutions and services.
  • Three. We respect shareholder value by obtaining profits through efficient management.
  • Four. We conduct our business in compliance with laws and commercial traditions.
  • Five. We respect the order of market competition in accordance with the principle of free competition, practice good-will competition based on mutual respect with competitors, and do not infringe on competitors' interests or take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • Six. In accordance with the principle of coexistence and co-prosperity, we pursue mutual development by maintaining mutual trust and cooperative relationships through transparent and fair trade with our partners on an equal footing.
  • Seven. We comply with various laws and regulations of the country and local community and contribute to the development of the local community through voluntary social service.
  • Eight. We have pride as experts and become the best experts through continuous self-development efforts.
  • Nine. We keep our honor and dignity, do not engage in any deception, and give priority to the company's interests when performing business.

Sungwon Global Cargo Co., Ltd.
CEO Y. S. Lee

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